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If you wish to send medical records to us, do not send them to the address on this page. Special instructions are required to ensure that records arrive t our clinic in Cancun. Please leave your details and you will be contacted by International Patient Coordinator for more information.

To start your evaluation, you will need to complete our online Patient Application. If you still have questions, please feel free to contact us today!

Once our medical team has received your medical application along with medical records, it usually takes a few days to review it. If you are conditionally approved for treatment, we will contact you to discuss available treatment options and the budget.

Once fully approved, you may schedule your treatment. The further out you wish to schedule your appointments, the more likely it is that you can have your preferred dates.

If you are not approved for treatment based upon your medical history, you will be notified by email.

We receive cord donations after normal c-section births from healthy women in Mexico following normal births. Our donors sign a consent form, fill out a detailed questionnaire, and give a blood sample. The mothers’ blood and the cord blood undergo extensive testing for HIV, STD’s, hepatitis, etc, so they are completely healthy and sterile.
At Reju Medical Tourism, stem cells are administered several ways depending on each patient’s ailment and physical condition. Patients typically receive a minimum of 3 stem cell applications during the course of an entire treatment protocol. Methods of administration include: Intravenous (IV), intramuscular, intrathecal, and intra-articular. Everything is individual and the most suitable treatment is performed.
Everything is individual. Each patient is unique, and there is no guarantee that positive results will be seen or how quickly they may be observed. Some patients have reported improvements during the course of their treatment, while others have experienced improvements as long as 6 months after returning home. However, not all patients improve.
Treatment protocols vary by disease. Each patient’s physical condition and other medical factors also play roles. Most protocols last for 2 – 5 days and consist of 2 – 3 sessions. Find out more about conditions we treat by contacting us today.
For certain treatment protocols, physical therapy will be recommended by our medical team and provided during the course of treatment. Such treatments as a hyperbaric chamber are advised and included into the program.
Typically, the doctors do not prescribe any medication as a part of your treatment. However, they may advise a circulating stem cell enhancing supplement regime following treatment. A booster will be provided if needed eventually.
Insurance companies do not cover stem cell therapy, especially not in foreign countries.

The pricing from REJU Medical Tourism is quite competitive and we are considered to be the best on the market. Hence, prices vary depending on each case and whether it’s regenerative, pain management or aesthetics. Fees for services start at 4000$ US.

Cost depends on the recommended treatment protocol and will be given to you in writing upon approval. It includes the treatment itself plus a comfortable hotel room with breakfast, WIFI, transportation from and to the airport with VIP airport gate service, and expedited customs clearance upon arrival.

If you would like to get a ballpark idea about how much a particular treatment protocol might cost, please contact us. One of our patient coordinators will be happy to assist you.

Alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking can both be detrimental to new progenitor stem cells. It is advisable that you do not smoke or drink during your treatments.
No stem cell product from any source is approved by the US FDA for any condition we treat. However, human umbilical cord tissue-derived mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) that were isolated and grown in our laboratory in Cancun are approved by COFEpris ( Mexican FDA) to create master cell banks.

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