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Step into a world where science meets artistry, where cutting-edge technology harmonizes with personalized care. Our team of skilled professionals, specialized in Aesthetic Medicine, is dedicated to providing you with the highest standard of treatments and services. With their expertise and passion for beauty, they will help you achieve the look you’ve always dreamed of.

We are a professional specializing in Aesthetic Medicine at the US American Academy of Aesthetic Medicine. We are affiliated with SIRF (Society for Facial Rejuvenation). Here are some of the featured services we offer:

  • SERA (Intravenous Fluid Therapies)
  • Laser Treatment for Redness or Spots
  • HydraFacial
  • Hollywood Peel (x3 Sessions)
  • Laser Facial Rejuvenation
  • Filling Nasolabial Folds with Acids
  • Laser Treatment to Decrease Redness or Spots
  • pbserum
  • Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Vascular Laser
  • Laser Facial Rejuvenation
  • Laser Ablative
  • Laser Depilation
  • Hyaluronic Acid
  • Mesotheraphy
  • Platelet Rich Plasma
  • Botulinum Toxin
  • Immunity Boost
  • Cellular Rejuvenation
  • Skin Cell Boost

What is Laser Therapy?

Laser therapy, also known as laser treatment, refers to medical procedures that utilize concentrated light. Unlike other light sources, lasers emit light at specific wavelengths, which can be focused into strong, concentrated beams. Laser light is incredibly intense, capable of shaping diamonds or cutting through steel. In the field of medicine, lasers enable surgeons to operate with remarkable precision by targeting a specific area, resulting in minimal damage to surrounding tissues. Opting for laser therapy may offer advantages such as reduced pain, swelling, and scarring compared to traditional surgical methods.

What is stem cell therapy?

Stem cell therapy, a form of regenerative medicine, aims to repair damaged cells within the body by reducing inflammation and regulating the immune system. This remarkable characteristic makes stem cell therapy a viable treatment option for a wide range of medical conditions. Autoimmune disorders, inflammatory conditions, neurological ailments, orthopedic issues, as well as aging-related and traumatic injuries have been addressed through stem cell therapies. Ongoing studies explore the potential of stem cell therapy in treating conditions such as Crohn’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Lupus, COPD, Parkinson’s disease, ALS, Stroke recovery, and more. It is important to note that while stem cell therapy may not offer a definitive cure for these conditions, its objective is to facilitate the body’s self-healing capabilities, leading to significant alleviation of symptoms over extended periods. In many instances, this effect can greatly enhance patients’ quality of life and delay the progression of diseases and aging.

What are aesthetic treatments?

Aesthetic treatments, also known as cosmetic treatments, encompass non-surgical procedures that aim to address the signs of aging, revitalize the skin, and provide a refreshed appearance. The most sought-after treatments include Botox injections and dermal fillers. While these treatments can be applied to various body areas, the most frequently treated regions are the face, neck, and décolletage. Moreover, aesthetic treatments offer solutions for excessive sweating, pigmentation removal, acne treatment, scar reduction, elimination of skin tags and moles, as well as improving the appearance of veins.


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