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Autism is a spectrum of disorders characterized by marked abnormalities in communication and social interactions. Two common, consistent findings in children with this disorder are diminished oxygenation in specific areas of the brain and a chronic immunologically mediated inflammatory condition in the gut.

Yes. Multiple groundbreaking clinical trials conducted at universities in the United States have demonstrated conclusively that stem cells help improve the lives of children with autism. Specifically, the Stem Cells help the child brains with new blood vessel formation and cell to cell signalling and re-programming. This resulted in more social interaction and expressing emotions I had not previously expressed. In one groundbreaking study from Duke University, 180 children who received mesenchymal stem cells experienced behavioral changes including: being more emotional, more interactive, more facial expressions, and for one very happy mother, her child said the words “I love you, mommy” for the first time.
Our protocol consists of a two-day period, including the intravenous transplant of a minimum of 120 million cord tissue-derived MSCs (Mesenchymal Stem Cells), The procedure takes approximately 45 minutes. The protocol is minimally invasive to the patient and has very little downtime. Patients normally travel home two days following their scheduled appointment.

The primary goal of our protocol is the marked reduction in the levels of chronic low-grade inflammation for an extended period of time, improve emotional and social connections, by improving brain function, specifically, cell to cell communication.

‍Stem cells are uniquely and intrinsically able to migrate to sites of damage and inflammation in the body. Studies have shown that stem cells are able to orchestrate the repair and regeneration of deteriorated tissues, as well as modulate the immune system, to promote better health.

Depending on the ailment or the patient’s initial condition, the benefits of stem cell therapy can include a reduction in harmful symptoms, the slowing of the progression of the disease, and an overall increase in quality of life.


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