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Allogeneic natural killer (NK) cells are a type of immune cell that can be used to fight against aging. NK cells have the potential to provide a number of anti-aging benefits, including:

We help you Enhance your own body’s ability to fight, repair and restore through Advanced Regenerative Medicine therapies.


Immunotherapy NK cells stands for Chimeric Antigen Receptor T-cell therapy, which is a form of immunotherapy. With NK cells therapy, your immune system’s NK cells are modified to recognize and destroy cancer cells. NK cells therapy is an option if your primary and secondary treatments failed to eliminate your cancer, or if your cancer has returned after these treatments. Before receiving NK cells therapy, you will undergo low-dose chemotherapy in order to prepare for treatment. NK cells may also be an option for patients not eligible to receive a stem cell transplant


NK cells are the equivalent of “giving patients a “living drug” As its name implies, the backbone of NK cell therapy is T cells, which are often called the workhorses of the immune system because of their critical role in orchestrating the immune response and killing cells infected by pathogens. The therapy requires drawing blood from patients and separating out the T cells. Next, using a disarmed virus, the T cells are genetically engineered to produce receptors on their surface called chimeric antigen receptors, or NK’s.

These receptors are synthetic molecules, they don’t exist naturally. These special receptors allow the T cells to recognize and attach to a specific protein, or antigen, on tumor cells. The NK cell therapies furthest along in development target an antigen found on B cells called CD19.

Once the collected T cells have beenengineered to express the antigen-specific NK, they are “expanded” in the laboratory into the hundreds of millions.

The final step is the infusion of the NK cells into the patient (which is preceded by a “lymphodepleting” chemotherapy regimen. If all goes as planned, the engineered cells further multiply in the patient’s body and, with guidance from their engineered receptor, recognize and kill cancer cells that harbor the antigen on their surfaces.

NK Cells Derived from cord blood


1. Our cells are derived from cord blood from healthy donors A Certificate of Analysis is delivered with each sample that has:

  •  Analytical Test Infectious
  • Disease Screening
  • Microbiology testing

2. They are expanded in bioreactor in a laboratory in the US A Product Data Sheet is delivered with each sample that has:

  • Cell Identity and Purity

3. They are stored in Liquid Nitrogen and shipped on dry ice

Protocol of Administration:

We recommend 500M cells in 4 Infusions:

  • Fist week: 125M cells infusion.
  • Second week: 125M cells infusion.
  • Third week: 125M cells infusion.
  • Fort week: 125M cells infusion.

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